Picking Out Your Tree

  • The minimum height we will cut is 5 feet and please note, we only accept cash and checks no cards.

  • As you enter the farm choose a measuring stick from one of the bins; one end is red (for ready!)

  • When you are ready to hit the fields, please watch your footing.  As a working farm the roads and pathways are uneven.  Also watch for the stumps and baby trees in the fields!

  • Wander around the fields which are located in a circle around the white house.

  • Think about where the tree will be located. Going against awall?  One side does not have to be perfect; look for a flat side.  How tall are your ceilings and your doors?  Will the tree fit in your house?

  • Once you choose a tree, raise the red end of your stick. We are always watching for the red sticks and try to keep the wait to a minimum, but on really busy days please be patient.  Feel free to let someone wearing a red hat or jacket know you are ready.

  • We will measure and price the tree. If this is the tree for you, we will tag it and you can cut it or we will cut it for you and send it up to the shop area where we will shake all the extra stuff out (you donít want any squirrels in your house!) We will also put it through the bailer for better handling once you get it home.

  • How will you know which tree is yours?  We use a three part tag system, we put one part on the tree, give you the other two parts (all parts have the same number) you take your 2 parts to the shop to pay.  The smallest piece will be marked paid and given back to you so it can be matched to your tree.

  • Donít forget to visit with the big horse Carakees, Pepper the pig, and the miniature horses: Jimmy (black and white) and Rex (brown).  All the animals can mistake fingers for carrots so please do not feed them.  If you canít find one of them just ask!

  • The most important part is to ask anyone with a Christmas Tree Farm hat or jacket (red with white lettering) if you have a question and have fun!


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